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Since your house is one of your greatest investments, regular exterior cleaning will keep your home looking its best.  Mildew, algae, lichen and other organic and inorganic stains can attack your surfaces and decrease the life of wood, vinyl, stucco and other finishes.  Paint manufacturers recommend regular exterior cleaning to extend the life of their coating.  We at Allstate Roof Care use the safest and most effective professional grade cleaning solutions and surfactants available to safely clean with low pressure. (under 80PSI) and rinse with high water volume to safely wash away all the dirt, mildew, algae and pollutants using a custom blend of solution appropriate for the surfaces we are cleaning. We always cover electrical outlets protect stained doors and and other delicate surfaces, ensure windows are closed, landscaping is protected and we never use damaging pressure. Serious damage can occur when an unexperienced person uses too much pressure or too strong of a chemical mixture this can leave you with dead landscaping damaged wood water intrusion failed glass or broken windows or worse.  We are highly educated on the newest application techniques, newest equipment, products, plant safety, public safety and much more. We are constantly educating ourselves in continuous training to keep our skills current and provide the best results for our customers.  Stucco cleaning is a fragile siding that will damage easily using high pressure so soft washing using the proper mix is the only way to clean stucco safely.  Pressure washing will damage stucco, dryvit, hardie plank, vinyl and aluminum.  We use a dedicated softwash system with  proportioner to apply the exact amount of mix for the job at hand.ark Winecoff


We specialize in rust, fertilizer, oil and efflorescence removal services using F9 products  and soft wash methods safely and effectively.

 Rust remove all services:

 Do your concrete, stucco, brick or other services have a rust or fertilizer problem? Rust can be caused by fertilizers, sprinklers or exposed metal pipes. Our F9 Barc will safely and effectively remove these ugly stains. F9 is the leader in rust removal products and we are an authorized F9 applicator.  F9 products are Eco-friendly, safe and bio degradable. 

Oil removal services:

Does your concrete have oil stains that you haven't been able to remove?  F9 double Eagle and F9 Groundskeeper will take care of it. F9 is the leader in oil removal products and we are an authorized F9 applicator. F9 products are Eco-friendly, safe and bio degradable 

 Efflorescence removal:

Efflorescence is the migration of a salt to the surface of a porous material where it forms a coating. This typically is a problem on brick, concrete, stone, stucco, retaining walls or other building surfaces. F9 Efflo will remove these ugly deposits. We are an authorized F9 applicator. F9 products are Eco-friendly, safe and bio degradable.


Bring back the life of your old decks, fences and more with our Wood Cleaning and Restoration Services.  Cleaning is the removing of the dirt, mildew and algae from the wood leaving a nice new surface. The wood at this stage is left unprotected and will start to whether Gray again in about 6 months. Restoration would include the above cleaning but also would remove an existing stain or sealer followed by a wood Brightener leaving it prepped for a new finish stain or oil. Then I high quality penetrating stain would be applied in two coats to protect the wood,repel water and expand and extend would life by providing a mildew resistant finish to protect against weathering and graying.  Allstate Roof Care is experienced in wood restoration and can bring your deck or fence back to its true original beauty Don't think about replacing let us restore your wooden surfaces for a fraction of the pric.  Decks and fences can be a costly expense to have installed but with regular maintenance and professional upkeep can provide years of beauty and enjoyment.  Dirt, grime, mildew and algae can break down the wood fibers causing premature rot and deterioration. By keeping the wood clean and


Owning your own home is the American dream and is your greatest pride so in keeping it clean and looking its best will provide you and your family with years of enjoyment. Our homes require annual cleaning to keep them in great shape.  The build-up of moss, lichen, algae, dirt and other organic contaminants can not only cause health problems and other safety concerns, but can also quickly degrade the materials and cause damage beyond repair.  Not to mention the impact they have on your curb appeal and pride of ownership


We have a long list of real estate agents that see the value in or services for their clients. As the housing market has been bouncing back, many homeowners are looking for the added street appeal to make their home stand out above others. For less than most painting projects we can clean the roof, siding, decks and sidewalks. A filthy exterior can keep potential buyers from entering. When a prospective buyer first drives up to your home you want it looking its best.  You want to give an impression that the property has been meticulously maintained.  Cleaning the roof and exterior surfaces does just that.  Neglected roof stained with moss lichen, moss and algae will alarm any prospective buyers and also throw in some doubts to a home inspector or appraiser that the roof is that the end of its life when it may be in need only of a thorough cleaning. We proudly offer roof certifications. Buyers may offer much less or this could kill a deal altogether.  Call us for a preliminary home and roof inspection before it's called out later in the negotiation process and before the exterior photos are taken.  For more tips on selling your home or if you are a real estate agent or broker wanting to know more about our services and how they can be of great value to you and your client, feel free to call Allstate Roof Care today or complete our online request form.


We have the tools and equipment and line of F9 Products to tackle your exterior building from storefronts, townhomes, apartment complexes to restaurants and churches. 

Commercial Softwash Roof Cleaning:

Softwashing is the best way to clean a commercial rooftop without damaging the roofing materials.  Allstate Roof Care will be able to safely remove all types of algae, moss, mildew and grime from your flat roof, asphalt shingle, metal, or tile roof.  We use the best roof cleaning solutions available that won't void your warranty.

Commercial Building Softwash:

 If you own or manage a commercial property in Northwest Washington you understand how difficult it is to keep the exterior of your building clean. We provide deep cleaning using softwash chemicals that will kill all organic and inorganic stains and allow for rinsing using garden hose pressure.  We exclusively offer F9 product's for non organics like rust, oil and efflorescence removal.

Commercial Pressure Washing:

 A clean commercial exterior is going to make your business look sharp. Allstate Roof Care can tailor the surface cleaning to each client.  We clean commercial entrances, storefronts, walkways,  pool decks, tennis courts, retaining walls and more.  We can post treat surfaces to kill all organic materials to keep surfaces cleaner longer.   We proudly use F9 products for rust, oil and efflorescence removal.

Commercial Tennis Court Cleaning:

 Special care must be taken when cleaning the surfaces of commercial tennis courts.  We use all safe, no pressure, soft wash processes using dedicated cleaning agents and surfactants.  Safely cleaning without damaging the finish. We finish up with a low pressure high water volume rinse.

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