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Property Management:

Commercial Softwash Roof Cleaning:

Softwashing is the best way to clean a commercial rooftop without damaging the roofing materials. Allstate Roof Care will be able to safely remove all types of algae, moss, mildew and grime from your flat roof, asphalt shingle, metal, or tile roof. We use the best roof cleaning solutions available that won't void your warranty.

Commercial Building Softwash:

If you own or manage a commercial property in Northwest Washington you understand how difficult it is to keep the exterior of your building clean. We provide deep cleaning using softwash chemicals that will kill all organic and inorganic stains and allow for rinsing using garden hose pressure. We exclusively offer F9 product's for non organics like rust, oil and efflorescence removal.

Commercial Pressure Washing:

A clean commercial exterior is going to make your business look sharp. Allstate Roof Care can tailor the surface cleaning to each client. We clean commercial entrances, storefronts, walkways, pool decks, tennis courts, retaining walls and more. We can post treat surfaces to kill all organic materials to keep surfaces cleaner longer. We proudly use F9 products for rust, oil and efflorescence removal.

Commercial Tennis Court Cleaning:

Special care must be taken when cleaning the surfaces of commercial tennis courts. We use all safe, no pressure, soft wash processes using dedicated cleaning agents and surfactants. Safely cleaning without damaging the finish. We finish up with a low pressure high water volume rinse.