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Wood Deck and Fence Cleaning and Restoration:

Bring back the life of your old decks, fences and more with our Wood Cleaning and Restoration Services. Cleaning is the removing of the dirt, mildew and algae from the wood leaving a nice new surface. The wood at this stage is left unprotected and will start to whether Gray again in about 6 months. Restoration would include the above cleaning but also would remove an existing stain or sealer followed by a wood Brightener leaving it prepped for a new finish stain or oil. Then I high quality penetrating stain would be applied in two coats to protect the wood,repel water and expand and extend would life by providing a mildew resistant finish to protect against weathering and graying. Allstate Roof Care is experienced in wood restoration and can bring your deck or fence back to its true original beauty Don't think about replacing let us restore your wooden surfaces for a fraction of the price. Decks and fences can be a costly expense to have installed but with regular maintenance and professional upkeep can provide years of beauty and enjoyment. Dirt, grime, mildew and algae can break down the wood fibers causing premature rot and deterioration. By keeping the wood clean and protected you are ensuring years of beauty give us a call today and find out how we can help restore their beauty of your deck or fence.