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Common Roof Cleaning Methods Available:

3 types of roof cleaning methods available

We use this 1st method but many other roof cleaning companies may try selling you one of the other 2 methods shown below:

1. Soft Wash Method

This is the only method recognized by the major roofing manufactures and the American Roof Mainufacturers Association (ARMA) which you can find here. PROVIDE LINK. This method uses sodium hypochlorite mixed with a surfactant that allows a clinging effect minimizing run off. Proper techniques need to be used since this is a mildewcide one must take a number of critical steps to protect surrounding vegetation including pre soaking and post soaking surrounding plant life, using too high of a chemical mixture ratio and not adequately rinsing can be problematic if one is not adequately trained in this process.


We soft wash using only the process approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association Click here to learn more. in many cases we wont need to get on your roof. Using our method in this Northwest climate the results are amazing and long term. We remove all organic matter such as moss, mildew, alga, lichen and debris without using the damaging process of a pressure washer thus maintaining the roof warranty. Your roof color will be back, street appeal will be increased thus raising the value of your home and its resale ability.

2. Non bleach-Eco friendly low pressure with cleaning method

Non bleach-Eco friendly low pressure with cleaning method may sound good to you, but isn't approved by ARMA. One method is using volume pressure washer using just water but this process won't kill the algae at its roots and the roof will be dirtier sooner. The 2nd method which they may call shampooing or treating with an Eco friendly solution typically uses copper, zinc or iron manganese. Over time, the algae will begin to die. These companies usually sell a quarterly maintenance plan.

3. The high pressure method

The high pressure method (pressure washer) is still used to this day to remove roof stains, moss, algae and lichen and will make your roof appear clean but will dramatically shorten your roof life by also removing the granule base and loosen, crack and break shingles and loosen fasteners