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Real Estate Agents:

We have a long list of real estate agents that see the value in or services for their clients. As the housing market has been bouncing back, many homeowners are looking for the added street appeal to make their home stand out above others. For less than most painting projects we can clean the roof, siding, decks and sidewalks. A filthy exterior can keep potential buyers from entering. When a prospective buyer first drives up to your home you want it looking its best. You want to give an impression that the property has been meticulously maintained. Cleaning the roof and exterior surfaces does just that. Neglected roof stained with moss lichen, moss and algae will alarm any prospective buyers and also throw in some doubts to a home inspector or appraiser that the roof is that the end of its life when it may be in need only of a thorough cleaning. We proudly offer roof certifications. Buyers may offer much less or this could kill a deal altogether. Call us for a preliminary home and roof inspection before it's called out later in the negotiation process and before the exterior photos are taken. For more tips on selling your home or if you are a real estate agent or broker wanting to know more about our services and how they can be of great value to you and your client, feel free to call Allstate Roof Care today or complete our online request form.