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Exterior House Washing

Exterior House Washing:

Since your house is one of your greatest investments, regular exterior cleaning will keep your home looking its best. Mildew, algae, lichen and other organic and inorganic stains can attack your surfaces and decrease the life of wood, vinyl, stucco and other finishes. Paint manufacturers recommend regular exterior cleaning to extend the life of their coating. We at Allstate Roof Care use the safest and most effective professional grade cleaning solutions and surfactants available to safely clean with low pressure. (under 80PSI) and rinse with high water volume to safely wash away all the dirt, mildew, algae and pollutants using a custom blend of solution appropriate for the surfaces we are cleaning. We always cover electrical outlets protect stained doors and and other delicate surfaces, ensure windows are closed, landscaping is protected and we never use damaging pressure. Serious damage can occur when an unexperienced person uses too much pressure or too strong of a chemical mixture this can leave you with dead landscaping damaged wood water intrusion failed glass or broken windows or worse. We are highly educated on the newest application techniques, newest equipment, products, plant safety, public safety and much more. We are constantly educating ourselves in continuous training to keep our skills current and provide the best results for our customers. Stucco cleaning is a fragile siding that will damage easily using high pressure so soft washing using the proper mix is the only way to clean stucco safely. Pressure washing will damage stucco, dryvit, hardie plank, vinyl and aluminum. We use a dedicated softwash system with proportioner to apply the exact amount of mix for the job at hand.ark Winecoff